Independent and a Part of The World Community
5 Roots Of Growth
Critical, Creative, Effective Thinking
5 Roots Of Growth
Connection and Regulation Emotions
5 Roots Of Growth
Moral and Spiritual Intelligence
5 Roots Of Growth
Strong and Healthy Physique
5 Roots Of Growth

The center of early childhood education

where every important matter starts from its very basic foundation: connection.

Hi! We are the ROOTS LEARNING CENTER. Everything we do here at our pre-school, kindergarten, and even our childcare services, derived from the philosophy of humans’ fundamental roots.

We believe that each and every one of us needs to connect, and the utmost important connection is built from the early stage of life and will be carried on to adulthood when our children have grown and stepped into the real world.

We are your partner in accompanying your children to grow, to connect them with their family, nature, technology, beliefs, arts, and the community surrounding them.

Like any good tree that grows, we must set our roots strong and deep to the ground.

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